Detox Retreat

Detox Retreat

KarKloof Safari Spa Detox Retreat

Detoxification is an important ritual to purge the liver, kidneys and intestinal tract of unwanted toxins. We will guide our guests through the detox process and recommend either radical or gentle dietary change. Your retreat will be personalised to your physical and emotional condition. We will direct you in choosing the right duration and treatments as well as monitor your progress throughout your stay.

Included are additional therapies to assist the process such as; body scrubs and wraps. Emotional therapies will help you detox your mind. Steam, Sauna, Floatation and Rassoul sessions and Kneipp therapy will help hasten the removal of toxins.

Karkloof Safari Spa’s spa cuisine is balanced and tailored towards providing the body with optimal nourishment and sustainable eating habits.

Our programme will be tailored to meet each individuals needs and we will work flexibly with each person on a daily basis.

Included in the Detox Retreat Programme

  • Individual health and wellness consultation
  • Health cuisine meals and drinks throughout your stay
  • Daily fitness and leisure activities
  • Cooking’ demonstration/lesson with the Chef
  • Unlimited spa treatments during your stay

Below is an example of what your Detox programme could include, depending on your personal preferences and consultation with our spa director and chef. Bearing in mind that spa treatments are unlimited during your stay.

  • 3/5/7 Nights accommodation
  • Daily massages and detox treatments
  • Cleansing Diet
  • Dietary Consultation with our Chef
  • Yoga sessions
  • Wildlife cycling sessions
  • Mountain & Karkloof Falls Hikes
  • Nature Speed Walks
  • Floatation
  • Rassoul Treatments
  • Body Exfoliation Treatments
  • Body Cocoon Wraps
  • Lymphatic Full Body Massages
  • Herbal Thai Poultice Massages
  • Karkloof Traditional Aroma Thai Massage
  • Herbal Detox Baths
  • Detoxifying Regeneration Facials
  • Hand and Foot Treatments
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