Modern-day living and the stresses and toxins that we face make proper weight management and stress management exceptionally difficult. Karkloof Safari spa offers specialised and focused retreats that help our guests reach and maintain their ideal weight as well as detox and restore balance within themselves.

All of our staff members are highly trained and experienced professionals. We only employ internationally qualified Thai therapists and support staff who understand all the intricacies and challenges involved in achieving different health, weight and wellness goals. 

The Detox Retreat

The detox retreat is specifically designed to help our guests cleanse their liver, kidneys and intestinal tract of impurities and toxins. This is achieved through dietary advice, spa treatments, fitness activities and emotional therapies. Recommendations are made based on the individual’s current physical and emotional condition.

Price available upon request.

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The Weight Management Retreat

Individuals who are overweight face an enormous number of health risks as well as a lower quality of life. While there is no quick-fix, the team at Karkloof Safari Spa can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight and fitness level through the use of the facilities, personalised fitness and leisure programmes, spa treatments, lifestyle advice, and dietary changes.

All weight management programmes are tailored to suit the current physical and emotional condition of the individual. While you may not reach your goal weight during your stay with us, you can rest assured that you will leave feeling more energised, fitter and with a clearer understanding of the road that lies ahead. 

Price available upon request.I’ve added 

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