to the Karkloof Spa Blog!

The First thing you see when you get to our Luxury Destination Spa, we have kept the entrance “low profile” so as not to betray the true luxury beyond!

We are really excited to be getting this going at last, as we have been thinking about blogging for a while, but were never sure about where to begin, well here it is!

Most properties or destinations have one or two things that make them stand out and as such that is all they tell you about. Here at Karkloof though, our offering is so comprehensive and unique, that we don’t believe that words or even pictures can capture the essence of what we are offering. But we hope we can portray some of it in this blog, as well as give you interesting news and tips from our experienced team.

Below is an image that will help to bring you into our world… and its just of the reception!

We hope you find this blog interesting and please share your views and opinions about the articles with us so that we can bring you only the best and most interesting reads.

Karkloof Spa Team

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