karkloof chocolate brownie

Karkloof Chocolate Brownies

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With Cyclone Irina drenching a large portion of KZN with heavy rain, why not spend the afternoon baking some of these delicious chocolate brownies.

Choose a chocolate that you enjoy eating on its own. A 70% chocolate works the best. Especially when serving it with ice cream, as the bitterness of the chocolate goes very well with the sweetness of the ice cream.

Chocolate Brownies


500ml whole eggs

400g Castor Sugar

352g Butter

250g Chocolate 70% cocoa

50g Flour

100g Pecan/Almond/Hazelnuts


Combine egg and sugar and whisk at high speed until light and fluffy.

Melt the butter in a sauce pan and remove from the heat. Mix in the chocolate until it is melted. Gently fold this into the raw sabayon until combined. Fold flour into this mixture. Ensure that there are not lumps. Pour into large lined baking tray (23cm x 23cm) lined with baking paper. Add nuts of choice (mix in with fork)

Bake at 160˚C for 25-30 mins. The top will start cracking, but it must still be gooey inside. Allow to cool before cutting into portions.

Serve with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries.

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