Karkloof Safari Spa Wildlife

wildlifeWith over 3500 hectares of vast and varied terrain to explore, Karkloof Safari Spa offers a safari experience like no other. Abundantly stocked with game including White Rhino, Buffalo, Hippo, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest and a multitude of Antelope, Warthog and Monkeys, it is hard to believe that one is only 30 minutes from Pietermaritzburg. The fact that Karkloof Safari Spa's magnificent property is so profusely inhabited by Africa's finest, means there is no need for an early wake-up call, adventure when you are ready, the game rangers and our four legged friends are on standby to suit your schedule.


birdingThere is nothing more inspiring than waking up to the call of the African Fish Eagle. It conjures up the hearty African beat and brings the soil under your feet alive. At Karkloof Safari Spa, over 270 species have been counted so far, so why not pick up a bird book and see if you can add to the list? Or how many species you can tick off the list? Ostrich wander in flocks as Turacos and Robins call to each other from the trees. High above, Eagles and Buzzards ride thermals, gliding, elite, unconcerned with the goings-on at ground level. See if you can find the Bronze-naped Pigeon, unique to the area.
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