Karkloof Safari Spa is a great place for all those who love being out of doors.

Explore the land and waterfalls through walking, hiking, mountain biking or game drives. Follow the Karkloof River, the birds or the tracks left by wildlife. Wooden walkways, paths and trails weave through thorn thickets over dolerite rocks, into the mist-belt forest or across the savannah. Amateur biologists may decide to make tree bark their project, dreamers can wander aimlessly soaking up nature or pause at a reflection whilst world acclaimed photographers have chosen Karkloof Safari Spa for its undeniably, unbeatable opportunities to capture Africa at its finest.

There are five waterfalls located within the 3,000 hectare reserve of Karkloof Safari Spa to explore during your journey with us. Whether you feel like having a brisk walk, cycle or hike to get the blood circulating or admiring the breathtaking scenery, bird or wildlife this is the place to be.

No matter what your purpose you can be sure the 105m high waterfall will overwhelm you with positive ions and feel-good endorphins. Colourful butterflies are in abundance including the rare Karkloof Blue Butterfly.

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