The lodge offers our guests a sense of spaciousness, grace and unrivalled comfort. Whether you cosy up on a couch near to the winter fire or catch a cool summer’s breeze while lounging on the wrap-around exterior deck overlooking the valley, the pervading feeling is oneness with nature.


Our boutique has a carefully selected range of hats, clothing, jewellery, carvings and local upmarket crafts. Wildlife prints and artworks are also available for purchase.

While staying with us there is no need to wait for specific mealtimes, as time is yours. You eat what you’d like, whenever you’d like to eat it. Local fare is freshly prepared and set to satisfy the discerning gourmand in search of health, indulgence or simplicity. Local farms bordering the area are a source of many of the ingredients like organic avocados and game meat. Expert chefs are well briefed in healthy fare including food intolerances and specialist diets.

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